The Land of Eagles


Albania is one of the last hidden gems of Europe. Albanian Riviera is one of Europe's Greatest Beach Destinations.
As a tourist destination, Albania has become more and more attractive for tourists from Europe in recent years. Two seas - the Adriatic and the Ionian, 450 kilometers of coastline, sandy beaches, built hotels, a picture that will surely surprise many who knew the old, very closed Albania during communism.
You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, eat very tasty national food but also visit important historical and archeological sites. Also, Albanian Alps offer breathtaking natural scenery.
With an area of 8000 hectares Valbona Valley National Park is the gem of Albanian Alps - Accursed Mountains.


Why You Will Love Albania

  • Tirana, the one of the most colorful capitals in Europe.
  • Shkodra, the one of the oldest towns in Europe.
  • Berat, known as the 'city of a thousand windows’, UNESCO World Heritage–listed museum town
  • Albanian Riviera
  • Accursed Mountains known as Albanian Alps
  • Gjirokaster UNESCO World Heritage Site – a magical hillside town


Useful information

  • Capital: Tirana
  • Area: 28.748 km²
  • Population: 2,846 mil
  • Currency: Albanian Lek (ALL)
  • Length of the seacoast: 362 km
  • National parks: Karaburun-Sazan Marine, Butrint, Llogara, Shebenik-Jabllanicë, Prespa, Divjakë-Karavasta, Theth, Valbonë Valley, Tomorr, Lurë-Dejës Mt, Dajti, Fir of Hotovë-Dangelli, Shtamë Pass, Fir of Drenovë
  • UNESCO World Heritage: Butrint, Historic Centres of Berat and Gjirokastër, Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe, Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region*
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • International airport: Tirana