Montenegro or black mountain in Italian, is a small Balkan country on the Mediterranean with a population of around 650,000 people and a capital city Podgorica. The official currency is euro (€). Montenegro is a country famous for its mountains as well as for its amazing beaches. More than 60% of the country has peaks higher than 1000 meters and there are more than 100 beaches along 293 kilometers of coastline which make this country so unique when it comes to natural beauty.

Montenegro became a sovereign state after a referendum held on 21st of May 2006, during which 55.5% of voters in Montenegro voted for the country's independence and its withdrawal from the union with Serbia.

It is not an easy task to describe all of Montenegro’s amazing landscapes so I will choose one of my favorite - Skadar lake. Millions of years ago Lake Skadar was a bay of the Adriatic Sea. Over time, the bay was cut off from the sea and it became a lake that’s mostly fed by the Morača River and drains into the Adriatic Sea via the Bojana River. Two thirds of the Skadar Lake belong to Montenegro and the rest belongs to Albania. Montenegro’s Lake Skadar is one of the biggest bird reserves in Europe. It’s extremely famous for its diversity of flora and fauna and you should definitely visit it if you’re planning a Montenegro tour. There are many kinds of birds. It is stated that 270 kinds of birds inhabit this Lake. Around 90% of birds are migratory and are of international importance.

Among the most popular birds on the lake are the Dalmatian Pelicans so Montenegro is also recognized as a famous birdwatching country. Cruising Skadar lake will surely make you feel like you dream the sweetest dream! You can take a cruise ranging from one to eight hours in duration, but in my opinion you need at least three hours to see the best of the lake.

In the region of Skadar lake there are many monasteries, churches, villages, fortresses etc. and this lake is witness of Montenegrin history from 11th century up to now.

This is just short description of one of my beloved spots in Montenegro which I recommend for visiting especially during spring and summer time 😊


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