St. Nicolas - a Montenegrin island with great potential for organizing teambuilding!

St. Nicolas - a Montenegrin island with great potential for organizing teambuilding!


St. Nicolas - a Montenegrin island with great potential for organizing teambuilding!


You are looking for some activity for your group? Teambuilding? Thinking about the right location where you will have privacy? What do you think about the island? About Montenegrin Hawaii? The Island St. Nicola is, without a doubt, the right place for you!

The Island is located just across the Budva Old town and it is the largest island in the Southern Adriatic (having an area of ​​36 hectares). It is very easy to reach the island from any part of the Budva Riviera. We can use regular or speed to the boat to reach the island.

The name Hawaii came from a restaurant that was the only one on the island which gave comfort to those running away from busy summer seasons in Budva.

The island is connected to the mainland via sandbank named Tunja and on low tides, you can even walk your way to the island. One of the legends says that St. Nicholas, on his way to The Holy Land, was sitting on the shore throwing rocks in the sea one night while waiting for the storm to pass. Some say he made sandbank Tunja this way to get him and his followers to the ship that was stuck near the island due to a storm so they can continue their journey.

The locals have built a church on the island in Saint Nicholas's name, facing the sea and protecting the seafarers.

It is just ideal for organizing different kinds of teambuilding and dinners with an after-party. 

The water in front of all three bigger rocky beaches with a total length of 840 meters is usually calm which allows organizing many water activities as:

  • Jet Ski;
  • Water ski;
  • Kayak and SUP competitions;
  • Raft building;
  • Diving;
  • Snorkeling;
  • Parasailing;
  • Escape the island;
  • Water cage - releasing a "prisoner";
  • Bow and arrow;
  • Dive for the puzzle;
  • Shoot the pirates.


Warm, beautiful water makes it worth the effort! 

If it is necessary to split the group into many small ones, it is possible to use all the benefits of the forest to organize more creative team-building games during the day. 

After the team building, in the middle of Mediterranean vegetation and natural habitat for numerous animal species like for example deer and many different sorts of birds, the clients can feel and enjoy traditional Montenegrin cuisine below the open sky, in the company with some of the very famous local musical entertainments. Having a quite large area for serving a bigger group, represents a unique experience to enjoy the view over the Budva Riviera and Old town during the night. It is a great opportunity to explore many further abandoned places in Montenegro such as an island that is only 1 km away from the touristic capital - through interactive games and ceremonial dinners. 


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