North Macedonia

North Macedonia


North Macedonia

The Republic of North Macedonia

The Republic of North Macedonia is a very beautiful small country, located in the southeastern Europe.

With its great cultural, historical and demographical characteristics, it is an exceptional gem that used to be part of the former Yugoslavia. The capital and biggest city is Skopje and it is the political, cultural, economic and administrative center of North Macedonia.

Although a small country, Northern Macedonia is the cradle of culture in the Balkans, with several antique theatres, a thousand Medieval Monasteries and Byzantine churches and over 200 Mosques.

In addition to the above, Macedonia is also well known for its many archaeological heritage sites, among which are many temples and amphitheaters and the most known are Heraclea, Skupi and Stobi.

The most beautiful pearl and the greatest potential of Macedonian tourism is definitely the city of Ohrid, which is located on the shores of Lake Ohrid, also recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ohrid is the most beautiful town in North Macedonia and it was built on the shore of Lake Ohrid and thus offers a magnificent view on the lake.

The Old town of Ohrid resembles a seaside town. Narrow streets, cobblestones and a great view of the lake. Somewhere you can still find the outlines of typical Balkan architecture with Ottoman influence. In the lower part of the city you can find restaurants, promenades and shops, but as you climb towards Samoel's Fortress, there are fewer and fewer of them, with the exception of the immediate vicinity of the fortress.

In such a small town ther is so much to see on your North Macedonia tour.

What you should not miss in Ohrid are:

  • Samoil's Fortress
  • St Sophia Church
  • Ancient Theatre of Ohrid
  • St John the Teologian Church
  • Plaosnik Monastery
  • Holy Mary Perybleptos
  • Church of St Celement and Panteleimon
  • Robev Family House

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