Bosnian pyramids - A magnet for travelers from all over the world

Bosnian pyramids - A magnet for travelers from all over the world


Bosnian pyramids - A magnet for travelers from all over the world

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the existence of ancient pyramids in Bosnia . In this article, we will introduce you to the legend of this complex

In 2005, researcher Dr. Osmanagic found the narrative of the Bosnian pyramids, which are pyramids in the form of hills near the Visoko . Based on different findings, he learned that the pyramids in Visoko were the product of human hands, created in ancient times. The energies of the pyramids affect healing, blocking, and stress prevention. Set your objective through guided meditation before you begin on this adventure. Find your relationship with the world's oldest pyramids ...


To visit Visoko, just 20 minutes from Sarajevo, which houses the Sun's and Moon's pyramids and others. With a height of almost 220 meters, the Bosnian Sun Pyramid is the biggest pyramid in the world . The geometry of a pyramid is correct: north, east, and west with three well-preserved faces. The pyramid consists of concrete blocks that are superior in terms of high compressive strength and low water absorption in terms of contemporary concrete based on analysis by Bosnia and Italian materials institutes.

The northerner direction towards the cosmic north is less than one degree, according to observations of the Geodetic Authority of BiH. The path to the base of the sides is 45 degrees. The Sun, Moon, and Dragon Pyramids create a perfect equilateral triangle with 2,170 meters between their crowns. Three chambers and a little blue lake were discovered in the underground labyrinth in 2010. The ionization level is 43 times greater than the normal concentration outside, transforming the subterranean chambers into "healing rooms," according to energy screening.

 The existence of a power beam of 4.5 meters flowing through the pyramid top was observed in physicists and specialists from Italy and Finland observed the ultrasonic phenomena, including at the top of the pyramid.

The shadow during the summer months of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun covers the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, which clearly shows the astrological link between the two pyramids before nightfall. The German Federal Pedological Institute has assessed the earth's mantle's age at 12,000 years and has made the Sun's Bosnian Pyramid the world's oldest pyramid. A magnet for travelers from all over the world is the discovery of the Pyramid and its energetic and astronomical occurrences.


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