Ada Bojana - a place where everything begins and ends

Ada Bojana - a place where everything begins and ends


Ada Bojana - a place where everything begins and ends


Discover a unique river island with beautiful sandy beaches and indulge in the charms of untouched nature



Ada is a triangle-shaped island in the Delta of the river Bojana (Buna) surrounded by the Bojana river on two sides, and by the Adriatic Sea on the third – with a 3km long sandy beach.



If you are a fan of untouched nature, love kite surfing, and water skiing, want to feel the authenticity of nature on the river Bojana and are looking for a pristine adventure and a different vacation, choose soybeans on the river, houses, apartments, or camps.

According to the legend, Ada Bojana was created by the fact that in the 19th century, after a storm, the ship "Merito" ran aground near two smaller islands. For years, river sediment was deposited on the wreck of this ship and the two nearby islands, which first formed a reef, and then an island. Over time, this island divided the river Bojana into two streams.



Fun fact: Bojana is the only river that flows both ways – the river is flowing from Skadar lake to the Adriatic sea, but the sea is flowing into the river on its bottom!






In case that you would like to enjoy a serenity near the water , Ada Bojana soybeans are the perfect choice for you! Rustic, authentic, wooden, built just above the water are overlooking the Bojana river and breathtaking sunset views!



The cherry on the top would be a boat ride around the island . Every soybean has a dock, so you would not bother yourself – you can embark right from your terrace swing. You will pass near all the wooden houses, high reed, and pampas grass to the other side of the island where you will meet this oasis at its fullest! Untouched nature, accompanied by the sound of birds, crickets, and waves where the river meets a sea with white sand and clear water.





Ada Bojana offers a huge variety of all kind of activities. Whether you want an active vacation or you want to enjoy good food and sunbathing throughout the day - this place will meet all your expectations!

Starting from a large selection of extreme sports (eg. windsurfing, kitesurfing, and kite flying) will delight all the braver ones who want to try something new.

A couple of years ago, the Dolcinium Club received the recognition "the most attractive tourist offer" from the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourist Organization WILD BEAUTY AWARD. This is the first real kite club and provides training for kite surfing lasting from 12 to 15 hours.

If, on the other hand, you don't want to fight the wind or it's just too extreme for you, and all-day lazing doesn't sound appealing to you either - there's a horse-riding school on Ada Bojana.






If you ever want a dream vacation in the costumes of Adam and Eve, Ada Bojana is the right choice!

As soon as someone mentions this place, everyone immediately thinks of nudism, which is normal because here is the most famous nude resort in the ex-Yugoslavia, built-in 1970es.

Nature lovers and nudists adore Ada Bojana. Years ago, nudists were transferred by rafts or small ferries to the nude beach. Today, the road to this area leads over a bridge through the heart of the island.

Nude and non-nude parts of the beach are divided and whichever do you prefer, your comfort will be on the highest level !




There is no place on the planet that you can enjoy like in Ada Bojana! Change luxurious restaurants for fish taverns, all-inclusive hotels for soybeans, enjoy the river and the sea together, perfect sunrises and sunsets with golden hours, little wind, Zen silence, and freedom - everything in one !



Find your peace of heaven!

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