Belgrade’s nightlife – from tambourine to Fat Boy Slim

Belgrade’s nightlife – from tambourine to Fat Boy Slim


Belgrade’s nightlife – from tambourine to Fat Boy Slim

If you thought Paris and New York were the cradles of nightlife - you were wrong!


Serbia has had its first disco since April 1967: it was the disco "Kod Laze Šećera", opened ten years before the famous "Studio 54" in New York and the Paris "Palace".


Many foreigners and people from the region gladly return to Belgrade after deciding to visit it for the first time. People are attracted to the capital by the positive impressions of everyone who has already been here, and they themselves are delighted with the national cuisine (and a wide range of foreign specialties), history, and other charms of the city. We already mentioned some of it in our previous post, you can check it out here .

So that you don't have to search further for a colorful, urban, and, above all, attractive nightlife - as your Balkan DMC  we will bring types of Belgrade's nightlife closer to you. This is the opinion of those who live in this city and tourists who come from all over the world to feel the charms of Belgrade nights. 

Parties are held everywhere regardless of the season

Serbia has a very rich musical tradition and in Belgrade, you can hear a good part of various directions of traditional ethno music. Orchestras in taverns, where live music goes from table to table, play to the guests "to the ear" and fulfills musical wishes, it is customary for the orchestra to be tipped. The time the orchestra stays at a table is proportional to the amount of money given.

Gypsy orchestras, whether trumpet or tamburitza, provide a special experience. Gypsies know how to play everything (from Frank Sinatra to old Serbian original music), they play in all places and in all weather conditions, to alleviate sadness and increase joy. Gypsy trumpeters are mostly self-taught and they don't actually play trumpets but talk through them.

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Mecca and Medina of electronic music

When it comes to the  electronic music scene, Belgrade has stood side-by-side with the rave, Berlin, and London capitals, but many still claim that “there is no rave without Belgrade!”.

Rafts are a specific feature of Belgrade's nightlife. There are about a hundred of them, they are of different shapes, capacities, and music that plays. Due to the isolation from the residential areas, parties often last until dawn. Some of those that seem abandoned but occasionally have the craziest parties, you'll only be able to attend them if someone invites you in.

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Also interesting are some of the city's sightseeing boats that board passengers, food, and musicians at the beginning of the evening, and then cruise the rivers while there is fuel and a good mood.

This is just a glance at what to expect from Belgrade's nightlife and If you decide to dive into an unforgettable adventure, and go and party in the best Belgrade clubs in VIP style, we will be more than happy to take you there.


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