You need to live in harmony with yourself to be in optimal health.

- Henry Chenot -


The key to wellness is prevention, not the cure! A Chenot Method is a mixture of classical Chinese medicine and the latest scientific advances in western medicine, which will clean your body from all the toxins, stop premature aging, rejuvenate organs, and help you to achieve a high performing, strong, healthy, and well-balanced life.

Chenot is all about vitality – acting proactively, it is a symbiosis of a personalized diet, monitoring under medical supervision, and personalized programs & treatments.


Who is Henry Chenot?

Henri Chenot, the wellness movement's creator, has devoted his life to blending the most recent scientific breakthroughs in Western medicine and diagnostics with the best of Chinese and alternative medicine.

It all began 50 years ago with Henri Chenot's vision and dedication for illness prevention and health promotion through detox treatments and lifestyle interventions, as well as his methods for disease prevention and health promotion. Henri Chenot recognized the significance of caring for and investing in our health and wellness from an early age in the 1970s.

While medical discoveries continue to extend life expectancy, Chenot believes that quality of life - living better for longer - is underestimated. Henri Chenot, a proponent of prevention instead of cure since the 1970s, has highlighted the importance of investing in our health and wellbeing at a young age.

Besides of minimizing your risk of illness and age-related disorders, Chenot Method® would prove to be extremely beneficial at any age, enabling you to maintain physiological harmony and enjoy a highly active life - both physically and mentally.

As a result, the Chenot Method® of resetting the body's physiology was developed, and it is nowadays used as the primary therapeutic strategy in Chenot spas.


What is Chenot Diet?

The Chenot Diet is a delightful culinary experience designed from calorie restriction without compromising taste, flavor, or aesthetic, as well as being a crucial element of the Chenot Method®.

The Chenot Diet cleanses the body at a cellular level, rebalances the metabolism, harmonizes hormones, recalibrates gut flora, and creates fresh energy and cells that keep us biologically young. It was scientifically designed to work in synergy with medical treatments in supporting the body's self-healing mechanisms.

Uniquely created meals based on fresh, organic whole foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics contain a mix of proteins, healthy fats, and low glycemic index carbohydrates.


What does Chenot Espace ofer?

Chenot Espace delivers a transforming experience by detoxing and resetting the body and mind to enhance physical and mental performance. The principles of the acclaimed Chenot Method®, a practical framework combining the latest scientific breakthroughs in Western medicine and diagnostics with the best in Chinese and alternative treatment, are used to guide you on your journey to wellness.


One&Only Portonovi - Ultimate wellness destination & the first One&Only resort to offer Chenot Espace

The union of One&Only and Chenot offers a variety of experiences, ranging from serenity and improved health to a more vibrant and outgoing riviera-style lifestyle. Chenot Espace at One&Only Portonovi redefines resort wellness, combining cutting-edge, industry-leading therapies with One&Only's extraordinary level of luxury and service.

Chenot Espace at One&Only Portonovi offers a big variety of programs, such as Advanced detox, Fundamental Detox, Detox, De-Stress & Re-charge, Fitness Programme, Chenot Day Spa.

The strength of the Chenot Method® lies in the way that it supports the body's natural healing mechanisms and makes this process more efficient.