Ostrog Monastery – The third most visited sacral place in the world

Ostrog Monastery – The third most visited sacral place in the world


Ostrog Monastery – The third most visited sacral place in the world

Built high in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, standing still in the cliffs from the 17 th century, looking like it defies gravity, shining white bright, there is Ostrog Monastery - the most important sacral object in Montenegro and region.

This monastery is one of the most visited in the former Yugoslavia, not only by Orthodox but by Catholics and Muslims too. No matter what religion, nationality, skin color, or origin you are - it is sure that you will find peace at this special place.

Ostrog Monastery is the third most visited sacral place in the world, just after the Christ's Tomb and the Holy Mount.

St Basil started with three caves in the rock face. He decided to build the Church of the Presentation in the first cave, a bedroom for guests in the second cave, and a chapel that would house religious artifacts in the third cave. St. Basil continued expanding the monastery throughout his life until he died there in 1671 at the age of 61.



It is believed that you should not talk about your intentions - at all. Don't plan this trip for too long and don't tell anyone that you will make it. With serenity and happiness and your pure intentions & heart, this monastery will welcome you any time. Except this, you will not need anything else.

The monastery is located 50 km from the capital city – Podgorica, and 15 km from Niksic – the second biggest town in Montenegro. You better prepare your camera because you will enjoy the scenic ride up in the mountain, surrounded only by high cliffs and wood. At some point, it will be possible to see Skadar lake!



Firstly, you will be welcomed by the Ostrog Lower monastery with the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1824 where most of the monks live & grow the majority of the vegetables and fruits they need. 

Usually, visitors decide to go from the lower to the upper monastery on foot. Walking 3 km uphill, often barefoot, has healing properties for the soul and the body. If you don’t want to walk, you can drive almost to the top, and you will need only about 10 minutes walking to the main monastery. In the case that there is a disabled or elderly person, you could drive to the top.


Existing for ages, being burned in the fire, renovated, and still welcoming pilgrims in the glory, Ostrog monastery will leave you speechless. At the first step, pillories and arch will show you the glory of this place.

Most probably, there will be a large queue in front of the monastery. All the visitors wait patiently and peacefully for their opportunity to bow to St. Basil's relics.

At first, St. Basil was buried in the Ostrog Monastery`s yard. After 7 years, one abbot had a dream about St. Basil telling him to open the grave. Abbot ignored a dream, but the dream was repeating multiple times. In the end, monks decided to obey St. Basil`s words. They fasted and prayed for seven days. On the seventh day, they opened the grave. They could not even imagine what they will see! A completely preserved body smelling like basil became one of the biggest miracles in the Orthodox churches.

 Today, the relics are in the small monastery`s cave – smelling as basil and making miracles to every visitor. If you climb up to the top of the monastery, you will be on the small terrace overlooking mountains and taking your breath away. But, if you look closer, you will see a wine growing from the cliff – without a pinch of soil! It is still not clear how this is possible, but wine keeps growing despite the laws of nature.



St. Basil`s miracles are well known in the Christian religion. It is believed that a lot of people found a cure here. With prayer and a pure heart, everything is possible! Visitors got back their sight, their mobility, their health, wellbeing, happiness, and sanity. There is a book in the monastery where every miracle is written down and well preserved from oblivion.


In front of the upper monastery, there is a tap with holly water - springs from the rocks, tasty and cold. Don't forget to wash your face and hands too - it is believed that it will bring you wellbeing and happiness. One more thing - make a wish and pray!



This is the place where you will think of your loved ones. While you are there, don't forget to take a souvenir for them - rosary, scented incense, icon, pendant, or one of the many others. A decision will not be easy for sure!

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Bring only your pure soul ...