Coffee time with Venn Tour: Casa del Mare Boutique hotels

Coffee time with Venn Tour: Casa del Mare Boutique hotels


Coffee time with Venn Tour: Casa del Mare Boutique hotels

We are more than happy to present you Casa del Mare Boutique hotels - a unique local brand from Montenegro made just for fulfilling your days with joy and hedonism!

When we first opened Casa del Mare in 2009, our wish as a young couple was to share our place with the world. We were young, great enthusiasts, and overwhelmed by the personal motivation to build something together that will show everybody the beauty of our country and provide a place for encounter in Kotor Bay.

Growing as a company, we nurtured the values ​​of a team and family - those of caring, respect, and attention - and we made it our mission to transfer this feeling to every new member. The feeling that over the years became known as casa feeling ensures a distinctive, homey, and comfortable impression and provides for a special touch to all we do . Casa feeling, paired with the Mediterranean tradition of warm hospitality and availability, makes our hotels - our casas - a truly special place for our guests. They take home not only a great vacation memory but also a feeling of affection and belonging.

Being able to show Kotor Bay to people from all over the world, is a privilege and an obligation. In all, we do architecturally and brand-wise, our premise is to preserve the environment we operate in and embed our needs and aims in those of the Bay.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Casa del Mare hotels?

  • Local touchWe are pairing our exceptional service with a touch of the local value of hospitality to create a “casa feeling”. Building special connections to the environment, people, traditions and customs we find ourselves in plays an important role in how we conceptualize our hotels. Guests can sense the local character in our hotels, in shared spaces and their rooms, while consuming our peculiarly prepared meals or selected wines. All of it is imbued with local offer.


  • Tailor-made approach for our guestsWe give our best to really get to know our guests and know upfront what service suits their needs best.


  • Casa feelingThis has been our signature approach for over a decade now and means feeling uplifted and taken care of, be it as a hotel guest or a team member.


  • Mediterranean lifestyleTraditional Mediterranean hospitality and warmth are at the essence of our hotels. It is our goal to make our guests experience fully the Mediterranean lifestyle and all it entails - from long days at the beach, dinners by the sea, summer breeze, world healthiest diet, and body and mind relaxation.


  • Gourmet -  Creating a unique gastronomic experience where locally grown ingredients and some old, almost forgotten recipes are dancing together in a modern twist.



What sets you apart from the competition?

  • Commitment  Being a family-run business ensures that each hotel of Casa del Mare remains our personal commitment wherever in Mediterranean it may be.
  • Enthusiasm and passion Dedication to our work in an enthusiastic and passionate way and creating such an atmosphere within our team has remained our signature approach since the beginning.
  • Teamwork -  Our casa feeling is possible only if we work united and based on solid partnerships and open conversations.
  • Care -  The Casa del Mare team cares for one another and transfers this feeling to the approach to our guests. We carefully select our team members to be caring and kind as persons, so that this approach to work comes to them naturally.



What can a guest expect - in terms of service and facilities?

Enjoying the contemporary Mediterranean reflective design, appreciating the unique gastro experience with local freshest ingredients, high-quality service and sincere hospitality spirit are just some of the reasons why guests are choosing our hotels while enjoying their Montenegrin adventure.


Themed rooms and reception areas characterized by leisure mode, warm and cozy seating, where guests enjoying in a casual chat with staff or other guests, having the opportunity to experience the essence of the destination.

Additional facilities like wellness & spa areas are carefully designed to provide to the guest ascertaining the genuine tranquility, beach areas where natural setting plays the main role.


Finally, our F&B areas are subtle, and offer adequate food and drinks selection, meant to support the relaxing moments by the sea. Every meal is carefully selected from a rich Mediterranean cuisine, and includes best advice of our own chefs and some of the best culinary advisors from all over the world.

Dedication to our guests has remained our signature approach since the beginning, and our caring staff will go above and beyond to fulfill every guest's needs while evoking the casa atmosphere and Mediterranean easy lifestyle moments.


Our tourist agency would be more than happy to help you book a perfect hotel for your stay in Montenegro!


Welcome to Casa del Mare!